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In the early 60s, Honduran coffe production breaks in with a suprising momentum and rapid growth, consolidating in the last 30 years as the first aromatic producer of Central America. In 2011, Honduras surpassed Guatemala, by being the largest producer and exporter of coffee in Central America. In 2012, Honduras became the second largest exporter of washed arabica coffee.

Today, Honduras is the sixth largest coffee producer in the world, besides developed countries such as Brazil, Mexico and Colombia.

Grain production is a life sytle for more than 100,000 honduran families, which receive many benefits from the production of agricultural products. Coffee industry generates more than 1 million jobs, producing around 38% of agricultural GDP. The majority of aromatic produced in Honduras comes from mountain areas with elevation between 1,000-1,5000 meters.


It is offered for commercial purposes to the international market arabic species, having the following cultivated options:

  • Typica
  • Caturra
  • Pacas
  • Villa Sarchí
  • Catuaí
  • Ihcafe-90
  • Lempira

Honduran territory is characterized by its mountains, which ensures the international market, to find easily HG coffee (High ground coffee) as well as SHG (strictly high grown). This coffee has the following aromatic and taste characteristics :

  • A mix of caramel and citrus flavors with sweet fragances and soft, round body with a pleasant acidity. Also strong coffees have chocolate flavors with a round body and amazing bold aftertaste.


During the last years, Honduras has been supplying coffee around the world achieving the following rewards :

  • International Recognition of Aromatics. Being recognized by the SCAA (Specialty Coffee Association of America) in their annual convention.
  • In July 2014 the Cup of Excellence winner in Honduras, accomplished the international record by its selling price of $35.10 per pound.
  • Honduran coffee has become favorite among baristas competitors in the World Barista Championship.