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It’s the main non-food crop in the country, which has its origin in mesoamerican mayan lands from countries such as Mexico, Guatemala and Honduras.

Tobacco is native from American continent. It is believed to exist from 6.000 years B.C.. The ancient inhabitants of this continent domesticated crops and learned to use it in different ways, including the option of smoking it. Conquerors after arriving to the continent, adopt the consumption  and cultivitation of this plant in America and Europe. Besides smoking it they began using for medical purposes.

Soil fertility and good climate conditions in Honduras, allows to possess numerous variety of tobacco.

Honduran tobacco history has influence of the cuban cigar industry nationalization, since it helped the country to develop tobacco industry with the arrival of Cuban exiles. This brought some of the best producers of cuban cigars to Honduras in 1960’s, seeking new land to cultivate and produce tobacco and cigars.

In Honduras tobacco leafs are produced in the eastern (border with Guatemala and El Salvador) and western areas (border aea with Nicaragua).

Due to the properties of soil, perfect climate, training and decades of experience in plantation, with outstanding human resources, Honduras has become one of the leading countries in tobacco cultivation and premium cigar hand made production.

Honduran tobacco is highly appreciated worldwide for its quality in raw materials and human labor, providing the main production areas important income to communities and peoples who are dedicated to tobacco cultivation.